Apuane Alps

The natural setting of the site
Located in north-western Italy (Tuscany), the main observation point used during both spring and autumn is Capriglia (Pietrasanta, Lucca), along the western slope of the mountain chain, about 5 km inland of the Tyrrhenian coast (43°58’2.6”N, 10°14’22.8”E, 378 m a.s.l.).

The migration survey
In both seasons the commonest species are the Short-toed Snake Eagle, the Honey Buzzard and the Booted Eagle. Here, eagles move along an extremely detoured route but flying in opposite directions. In particular, Short-toed Snake Eagles belonging to the populations breeding in central-southern Italy, head south in spring and north in autumn, while Booted Eagles (mostly juveniles belonging to the Spanish population) head south in autumn and north in spring.

How to get there?
The closest airport is in Pisa while the closer train station is in Pietrasanta (LU).

MEDRAPTORS (Mediterranean Raptor Migration Network)

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