We are always involved in several projects, some of them are under our responsibility while in other cases we are involved only in an informal way. Most of our activities are volunteers based and if you would like to be involved you are welcome!
In our website you can find informations on the main projects that we are leading but there are even more. Most of our activity is related to raptor migration but not completely, there are projects relying on breeding and wintering ecology of raptors or on the migration of non-raptor species. But in any case our main aim is to work for migrating raptors.
If you take a look to our publication’s list it is easy to see with how many different researchers and teams we worked with. Collaboration is the basis of our activity and help us to improve our work and to have a wider perspective, and also to meet many valuable people.
People collaborating with us do it for different purposes, there are students working on their theses, young ornithologists improving their skills, animal movements experts analysing data or simply people that like to enjoy raptors in the field.
If you have any questions just send us an email!