About Us

MEDRAPTORS is a No-profit Association of ornithologists, that has been working for several years in the Mediterranean area and more recently also in other Palearctic and non-Palearctic regions.

We work to improve research and conservation of migrating birds of prey through specific projects and collaborations with other people and organizations.

MEDRAPTORS is an Association ready to receive anyone else contribution and we ‘d like to cooperate with other NGOs, associations, University and others researcher teams. In the last years we are working closely together with Ornis italica and LIPU-BirdLife Italy while among our main partnership there are: Hellenic Ornithological Society, Fundacion Migres, Batumi Raptor Count.

Our interest is focused on population and phenological trends as well as on movement ecology and in particular on social interactions, effect of ecological barriers and on the effect of weather conditions on the migratory behaviour of raptors. We integrate the use of different methodologies (i.e. visual observations, radar monitoring, GPS tracking) for our research.