Strait of Dardanelles


The natural setting of the site

Dardanelles’ strait is located in the northwest of Turkey, in the Çannakkale province and separates the Egean from the Marmara Sea that occupies the area comprised from here and the Bosphorus. The strait is oriented on a North-East – South-West axis and its western side is constituted by a peninsula of 90 km length and 20 km wide in the southern part and 7 km wide on the northern side.
The water channel comprised between the European and Asian side of the straits is approximately 61 km long and 1,2 to 6 km wide. The northern area of the peninsula, where the Marmara and the Egean Sea are closer, consists prevalently of large cultivated fields and reaches an altitude of 150 meters.

The migration survey

Very little is known about raptor migration at Dardanelles (except for some birdwatching exploration trips). In the 2010 the post-breeding migration period was covered by systematic observations, in total were observed approximately 1500 birds of prey between med-august to the beginning of October. Species that occurs in this survey were prevalently medium and small raptors, such Honey buzzards, harriers and falcons (most of which were Red-footed falcons). The watchpoint used in that survey was located in the archaeological site of Cimpe Kalesi in the narrowest point of Gallipoli Peninsula. In spring there have never been made systematic observation from well-defined observation point so it’s difficult to make an objective estimation of the migration consistency in that period.

How to get there?
Gelibolu is the main town on the European side of the Strait while the closest airport is in Istanbul.

MEDRAPTORS (Mediterranean Raptor Migration Network)

Main references

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