Strait of Bonifacio


The natural setting of the site

The Strait of Bonifacio is located between Corsica and Sardinia, named after the Corsican town Bonifacio. It is 11 km wide and divides the Tyrrhenian Sea from the western Mediterranean Sea. An observation site is located at Punta Falcone, the northernmost point of the Sardinian slope, at the altitude of ca. 100 m above sea level.

The migration survey

At this site observations were made once in spring 2005 from 1st to 14th May. Few hundreds of raptors were observed mostly European Honey Buzzards, Western Marsh Harriers and Red-footed Falcons.

How to get there?
The closer airports are in Olbia and Alghero.

MEDRAPTORS (Mediterranean Raptor Migration Network)

Main references

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