Panarea island


The natural setting of the site

Panarea is a small volcanic island located within the Aeolian archipelago, about 65 km NW off the Straits of Messina, between the islands of Lipari and Stromboli. The observation post is located at its highest point, ca. 400 m a.s.l., at a one-hour walk from the main village.

The migration survey

Observations started in 2004 during spring, within the “Progetto Rapaci Migratori” organized by LIPU (Birdlife Italy). During this season is possible to observe thousands of raptors, mainly Honey buzzards, by-passing the Strait of Messina in order to reach the Italian peninsula more quickly. During the post-breeding migration the numbers are much lower and the most abundant species is the Marsh harrier.

How to get there?
The closest airport is Reggio Calabria, and then it is possible to reach the island with a ferry boat from Milazzo (Sicily).

MEDRAPTORS (Mediterranean Raptor Migration Network)

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