The natural setting of the site

Located between Southern Spain and Morocco, and between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar is the main bottle-neck along the Western Palearctic Flyway. Only 14 km divide Africa and Europe and good watchsites are located on both sides of the Strait. The migration front is wide and goes from Cap Trafalgar in the west to the Rock of Gibraltar in the east but the area of higher intensity of migration is that between Tarifa and Algeciras. Similarly, in the Moroccan side the migration spans from Tangier in the west to Ceuta in the east.


The migration survey

The Strait of Gibraltar is a place that is known to be important for bird migration since very long time. Now it is active a long-term monitoring programme for the autumn migration of soaring birds that started in the late ’90s and is promoted by Fundacion Migres who manage a bird observatory at the site (CIMA).  Raptor migration involve the passage of thousands of Short-toed Snake Eagles, Booted Eagles, Black Kites, Honey Buzzards, Egyptian Vultures, Griffon Vultures. Migration at the site takes place in both seasons for about nine months of migration.


How to get there?

In Spain the closer airports are in Malaga, Sevilla and Cadiz. All cities are well connected by bus with Tarifa while there is a train from Barcelona/Madrid to Algeciras. Tangier has its own airport.


Fundacion Migres


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