Cap Bon Promontory


The natural setting of the site

Cap Bon is a peninsula in the far north eastern Tunisia. It is surrounded by the Gulf of Tunis in the north. Towns located on the peninsula include Nabeul, Kelibia and Menzel Temime. The peninsula is a 25 km-wide plain dominated in the north by a promontory that reaches a height of 392 m, before dropping steeply to the sea. El Haouaria is a small town very close to the watchsite located on the tip of the promontory.

The migration survey

The first observations at the site occurred in the 70’s. However later research highlighted that this site is not suitable to make counts of migrants because raptors often stop migration in front of the water barrier. In addition, several local breeders are often reported among migrating raptors causing a further bias in the monitoring. For this reason the area is a very good spot for birdwatching but not for raptor counts. Migration takes place in spring and the commonest species recorded are the European Honey Buzzard, the Western Marsh Harrier and the Black Kite. Also Short-toed Snake Eagles, Lesser-spotted Eagles, Egyptian Vultures and Cranes are regularly observed at the site.

How to get there?
The closest airport is in Tunis.

MEDRAPTORS (Mediterranean Raptor Migration Network)

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