The natural setting of the site

The site is located on the eastern coast of the Black sea. Watchpoints lies NE of Batumi, Georgia, on the hills between the coastal plains of the Black Sea and the Lesser Caucasus mountain range. The landscape is dominated by temperate deciduos forest with loose settlements becoming denser close to the coast.

The migration survey

The monitoring activity is promoted by Batumi Raptor Count who started the observations in 2008. About one million raptors are counted each autumn in particular Honey Buzzards, Steppe Buzzards, Black Kites, Booted Eagles, Lesser-spotted Eagles, harriers and Levant Sparrowhawks. MEDRAPTORS are collaborating with the BRC project for comparing data collected at different watchsites and for a M.Sc. thesis.

How to get there?
Batumi has an international airport connected with several destinations.

Batumi Raptor Count

Main references

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